As a Pharmacist specializing in creating chemotherapy compounds for one of the nation’s leading medical centers, patients connected with AeRhee Lee’s deep sense of commitment to healing and often asked her for advice about how to relieve the side-effects of treatment, strengthen their bodies and hasten the recovery process. Born into a Korean family of multi-generational Eastern and Western medical practitioners, AeRhee herself has extensively researched integrative medicine and healing foods for over 20 years. Raised herself on simple but powerful staple foods like “Juk” and other healing fare, AeRhee knew this approach could offer multiple highly effective benefits to people undergoing treatments for various stressful medical conditions and hasten recovery after multiple medical procedures, including surgery, radiation. Ultimately, she was inspired to integrate the most dynamic elements from her studies and first hand experiences to create a potent yet gentle restorative food medicine called Kitchen Medicine.

A prolonged stressful situation can often result in fluid retention (especially for women), trouble digesting food and anemia. KM Red Bean alleviates these uncomfortable and debilitating symptoms and fast-tracks energy throughout your system.

Ingredients: Creamy red beans with miniature rice pables infused with Asian dates and ginger.

KM Mung Bean – Skinless mung beans and crushed rice in a cherry blossom infusion.

KM Red Bean – Creamy red beans with miniature rice balls infused with Asian dates and ginger.

KM Black Sesame – Roasted black sesame and crushed rice in a ginseng and wolf berry infusion.

KM Sea Green – Crushed deep sea green kelp, whole grain rice, ginger and garlic.

KM Chestnut – Pebbled chestnut, creamed rice and walnut infused with Asian date, Ginger

KM Pine Nut – Creamy rice, rough cut pine nut and eye bright

KM Almond – Grounded almond, creamed rice, roasted barley and roasted corn.

KM Organic Rice – Crushed rice and climbing wild yams infused with ginger.

About Kitchen Medicine
Kitchen Medicine has its origin in "Juk" ( Korean porridge), Kitchen Medicine is based on an ancient Far-Eastern comfort food renowned for its restorative properties which has been updated to reflect AeRhee Lee's extensive research on Eastern healing foods. Read More...

What We Offer
KM Mung Bean - Treatments like chemotherapy can cause skin rashes and irritate the kidneys. It assists in eliminating cancer medications from the kidneys, as well.

KM Red Bean - A prolonged stressful situation can often result in fluid retention (especially for women), trouble digesting food and anemia. Read More...

About AeRhee Lee,

AeRhee was born in Korea to a family of both Eastern and Western medical professionals and has been a practicing pharmacist for over 20 years. She is also a dedicated researcher of Eastern Medicine and has authored three books: Healing Foods from Asia; Healing Tea from Asia and Healthful Drinks from Asia. Read More...

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