We did all the work so you don't have to. Just add a cup of hot water,zip up the pouch, shake gently while wait for it to cool. Relax and enjoy wonderful KM!

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What Can We Get For You?

KM Mung Bean

KM Red Bean

KM Black Sesame

KM Sea Green

KM Chestnut

KM Pine Nut

KM Almond

KM Organic Rice



About Kitchen Medicine
Kitchen Medicine has its origin in "Juk" ( Korean porridge), Kitchen Medicine is based on an ancient Far-Eastern comfort food renowned for its restorative properties which has been updated to reflect AeRhee Lee's extensive research on Eastern healing foods. Read More...

What We Offer
KM Mung Bean - Treatments like chemotherapy can cause skin rashes and irritate the kidneys. It assists in eliminating cancer medications from the kidneys, as well.

KM Red Bean - A prolonged stressful situation can often result in fluid retention (especially for women), trouble digesting food and anemia. Read More...

About AeRhee Lee,

AeRhee was born in Korea to a family of both Eastern and Western medical professionals and has been a practicing pharmacist for over 20 years. She is also a dedicated researcher of Eastern Medicine and has authored three books: Healing Foods from Asia; Healing Tea from Asia and Healthful Drinks from Asia. Read More...

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