I am very lucky! Service that matches quality of healing foods, thank you. Yes, I am doing ok but better when with chemo i eat your food."
- Michael D.

"I tried Rejuvenate and Boost because I was looking for a healthy and low-calorie option for lunch. I started preparing them for breakfast and found it was a delicious way to start the day. For lunch, I would add additional ingredients to the juke (brown rice or whole wheat couscous). I highly recommend these jukes from Healing Foods to Go – they are very tasty, healthy, and easy to prepare.""
- Marianne L.

"I tried the Ultimate Detox soup primarily because I was searching for a healthy meal I could enjoy at work. Not expecting much in regards to taste from something “healthy”, I was surprised that it actually tastes good. It has a great balance of texture (might take a few times to determine the right mix of water), and it is easy to make while at work. Just add water and warm it up. A perfect meal replacement that will fill you up and make you feel healthier doing so. I noticed increase energy levels as a breakfast meal. I am now definitely a believer and will be ordering again soon! Thanks."
- Dave G.

"I tried the Recover soup because I was having numerous digestive issues due to a lingering intestinal virus. I was surprised at how delicious the soup actually tasted considering you can heat it up in a microwave. The combination of the sea kelp with ginger and garlic left a favorable taste. More important it provided the relief I desperately needed in the wake of my illness. I highly recommend to anyone who suffers from any digestive related malady."
- Matthew D.

About Kitchen Medicine
Kitchen Medicine has its origin in "Juk" ( Korean porridge), Kitchen Medicine is based on an ancient Far-Eastern comfort food renowned for its restorative properties which has been updated to reflect AeRhee Lee's extensive research on Eastern healing foods. Read More...

What We Offer
KM Mung Bean - Treatments like chemotherapy can cause skin rashes and irritate the kidneys. It assists in eliminating cancer medications from the kidneys, as well.

KM Red Bean - A prolonged stressful situation can often result in fluid retention (especially for women), trouble digesting food and anemia. Read More...

About AeRhee Lee,

AeRhee was born in Korea to a family of both Eastern and Western medical professionals and has been a practicing pharmacist for over 20 years. She is also a dedicated researcher of Eastern Medicine and has authored three books: Healing Foods from Asia; Healing Tea from Asia and Healthful Drinks from Asia. Read More...

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